Monday, June 18, 2018

Fitness: Your Post-Baby Body

Camilla Lawrence, Women’s Health Physiotherapist at Six Physio, advises on getting into shape after having a baby

News: Upfront podcast offers no-holds-barred view on parenting

Sassy and opinionated broadcaster Dominnique Karetsos has launched Hot Milk: The Guilty Parent Podcast, a no-nonsense round-up of news and advice about the perils...

Rosemary Ferguson on Motherhood and Juicing

Rosemary Ferguson, the former model turned naturopathic nutritionist, on motherhood, juice and healthy eating

Time to Talk: the procedure of a caesarean

It's the second part of our caesarean special, in which sisters and The Bump Class founders Marina Fogle and Dr Chiara Hunt discuss in...

Time to talk: Why you might need a caesarean

Baby London columnists, and founders of The Bump Class, Marina Fogle and Dr Chiara Hunt discuss delivering a baby by c-section Why might you need...

Caring for your baby’s teeth

Susannah Warren talks to health experts to get the lowdown on caring for your baby's teeth and oral health A tooth! It’s one of the...

Expert Advice: bump, birth and those first few weeks

We speak to some of the best in the business about the first: Obstetric Consultation, Ultrasound Scan & Those First Few Days

New Borns: The Milk Bank First-hand Experiences

The mothers who have relied on the Milk Bank's services to help their new born through those first days tell us their story

The Experts: Boost your baby’s brain growth

Melanie Lawson, Founder of Bare Biology Omega 3, talks to Baby London about your baby's brain development. During pregnancy, women are advised to make sure they...

Health: The lowdown on goat’s milk

We spoke to leading clinical nutrition therapist, Yvonne Bishop-Weston, who specialises in infant nutrition, about what's so great about goats’ milk.

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