In a startling new report by the National Obesity Forum, it has been revealed that a staggering 1,400 newborns have been classified as obese (weighing 9lb 15oz or more) since 2011

When you consider that the average weight for a boy is 7lb 8oz and for a girl is 7lb 4oz it is eye-watering to hear that many hospitals are reporting delivering so-called ‘sumo babies’ of 12lb or more. Many of these babies are born to overweight mothers, and as a result health experts have warned that the NHS is being placed under pressure. Adding to that, there are babies who are being labelled obese by the time they are one, who are being weaned too early and with the wrong kinds of ‘pureed junk foods’. So what is the World Health Organisation advice on weaning? They recommend breast feeding exclusively until six months then introducing healthy solids to be combined with a breast milk diet. Or obviously if you can’t or choose not to breast feed, the same applies but with formula. Once you get to weaning, give your little one the best start with our healthy weaning recipes from Alice Fotheringham of Piccolo.


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