A new study has revealed the astounding amount of energy the average toddler burns in a day, covering around 5,000 steps an hour

Baby food brand Kiddilicious has unveiled new research, revealing a toddler’s daily energetic antics burn the equivalent of an adult running half a marathon in an hour. The average tot covers around an astounding 5,000 steps an hour, which is more than the typical adult will walk in an entire day.

The study forms part of a wider scheme, The Turbo Toddlers Project, aimed to educate parents about just how much fuel little people need. A recent survey of British parents found that 48% could not correctly identify how much energy their child was expending in a day.

Teaming up with Dr Ali Hill, registered nutritionist and course leader for BSc Sport Coaching at Southampton Solent University, she said; “Being a toddler is a very busy time. At this stage of development, they are busy learning new skills like how to move and how to communicate, whilst growing rapidly. Energy consumption needs to reflect this and their eating pattern at this age should be based on small meals and snacks. Toddler energy needs are high compared to their body size; 1 and 2-year-old children need to fuel their bodies with twice the amount of energy (per kilogram of body weight) to that of an adult.”

With all those steps, it’s no surprise that toddlers require more than the standard three meals a day. However, when questioned, over two thirds (69%) of London parents said they viewed snacking as a negative habit. Snacks are actually important for toddlers, as their stomachs are too small to get all the energy they need from just meal times. At 12 months, they should be given two or three healthy snacks a day to maintain energy levels.

Kiddylicious Refuel Infographic WHITEKiddylicious.com/uk

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