A new survey reveals the average bedtime routine for a toddler

A survey carried out by Better Bathrooms asked 2,000 parents how long they spend on the bedtime routine of any children under three. The survey revealed that on average it takes a staggering 90 minutes to get little ones off to the land of nod.

Around 22 minutes of this is spent reading a bedtime story. While the other most time-consuming part of the whole process is bath time taking up 30% of the time. Fortunately though, it’s often a two-person job, with 45% of parents say that it takes both of them to get their child off to sleep. Don’t you wish they just slept like a baby again…

Survey stats:

22 minutes of the bedtime routine is spent reading a story
45% of parents say it takes both of them to get their children to sleep
55% of parents have missed out on their own dinner because of the routine
15% of Dads would rather work than help get them to sleep



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