Mother of two Fritha shares everything from fashion and crafts to home renovations via her blog

Over 30,000 people follow your life through Instagram, what do you love about the platform?

I absolutely love the community. Motherhood is such a journey, and I think mums like to share.

What’s the secret to a great photo?

I feel like I’m always learning with Instragram and, of course, it helps if you are able to take the time to take a photo that is technically great, but I think as long as you take a picture you love and pair it with a genuine caption it will engage people.

Who are your social media inspirations?

My top three at the moment are @thisisjules, @ohhelloface and @balancedbeautybristol.

Your sixties-inspired styling is a hit with fellow mamas, which are your favourite brands right now? 

I try as much as I can to shop ethically or vintage, so I love People Tree, and a new favourite is Weekday.

How about when dressing Wilf and Mabli? 

I’m a huge fan of colour. One of my absolute favourites is Tootsa Macginty and I’m also partial to Mini Boden.

How’s the home makeover coming along? 

It’s hugely satisfying to make a home your own but if I had any advice it would be to know your limits (for example, leave wallpapering to the pros, as I found out with my wonky attempts). It’s an ongoing project but I love the process and, of course, the results!

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