Are there any unique words you use when it comes to parenting? If common enough, they might make it into the dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has asked Mumsnet users to help identify new parenting words. Throughout the month of March, a special forum on the parenting site will be open to suggestions. Editors at the OED hope it will help them improve the dictionary’s coverage of the vast and shifting lexicon of pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and childcare.

Fi Mooring, senior editor at the OED, said; “Every parent knows that when you have a child you begin to speak another language. It’s not just baby talk; there’s a whole new vocabulary to be learnt, from labour and childbirth procedures to words describing how to wean your infant. Many of these terms – which quickly become the stuff of everyday communication for millions of parents – are relatively recent coinages, so weren’t included in earlier editions of the Oxford English Dictionary.”

“In order to capture the influence of parenthood on the English language, we want to consult the people we consider to be the experts—parents themselves—and we hope that Mumsnet’s users will share with us the many and varied phrases they use.”

The Editors will consider any term they think as important and which is not yet in the dictionary. Each suggestion will go through an assessment process to review how long, how frequently and how widely a word has been used. The first added words will be published online in December.

To make your contribution, you can visit the forum here.

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